Wild boars enjoy the beach in France

Over the last couple of days, several news articles have cropped up about wild boars, “rampaging” and “dangerous”, appearing on beaches in the French Riviera and bothering bathers and tourists.

However, I can see no reports of injuries or even the slightest scary encounter, and all photographs in these articles are in fact photos of a well-known and friendly wild pig from this article almost a year ago.

Wild pigs on the beach
IMG: https://www.thelocal.fr/20160913/in-pics-wild-boar-and-her-piglets-charm-locals-at-french-beach

The piece from The Local in September last year describes a mother pig and her piglets as “charming”, and a “mascot of the beach”. People are reported as feeding the pigs, and having generally positive experiences.

It seems the recent reports are somewhat overblown, however it is important to remember that no matter how friendly a wild animal appears, it is still capable of being angered at mistreatment, and caution is always recommended.


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